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Urban stream restoration
Urban Stream Restoration with Ann Riley

Urban Stream Restoration video

An information packed video tour of six urban stream restoration sites. Background information on how the projects were funded and organized with community involvement and the history and principles of restoration. Full of beautiful examples of restored streams with detailed instructions and graphic illustration. Includes examples of stream restoration in very urbanized areas, recreating stream shapes and meanders, creek daylighting, soil bioengineering
and ecological flood control projects.

The tour is led by Ann Riley, a nationally known hydrologist, stream restoration professional and executive director of the Waterways Restoration Institute in Berkeley, Ca.

This tape will be indispensable to engineers, landscape architects, biologists, water managers, community groups and decision makers - anyone interested in ecological urban stream and neighborhood restoration. Order Video

"I have a copy and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in stream restoration. Ann did her PhD work under Luna Leopold and she knows her stuff."
~ Russell C. Dutnell, P.E., Environmental Engineer
formerly with Water Quality Programs, Oklahoma Conservation Commission

"Stream Restoration for the 21st Century. Use this info!"
~ Peter Lavigne, Portland State University Watershed Management Program

"Great piece of work. Marvelously produced. I particularly found the application of fluvial geomorphology (designing with bankful/dominant discharge in mind) to be clear, succinct and meaningful in doing design and bioengineering construction."
~ William P. White, Illinois Dept. of Natural Resources

"...a superb primer on stream restoration in urban settings. It imparts, in a way that is not daunting to the viewer, that stream restoration is a difficult, complicated, and incredibly worthwhile process with huge benefits for urban communities."
~ Sara Hatfield, Puget Sound Urban Resources Partnership

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